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Annette Densham: I am not competing against anyone else

Publicity Genie weaves traditional PR with the latest social media platforms and content marketing strategies to get your story into the hands of the right people. Your story is your most powerful marketing asset. We work with you to raise your profile, cement you as the GO TO person in your field and find you media, speaking and promotional opportunities. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, speaks and authors are the people we most love helping.

About Annette Densham

Annette Densham is CEO at Publicity Genie

Definition of success: Knowing I keep moving forward regardless of life's circumstances. Success for me is all about having an attitude independent of circumstances and running my own race. I am not competing against anyone else.

First job: Ice cream parlour

Work philosophy: Do your best, make time for fun and don't sweat the small stuff.

Currently occupied with (business/job related activities): Writing a new book and onboarding new clients. Also planning a PR training trip to New York for November.

Recent successes: Selling out my book How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie and my Making It Easy workshops.

How do you stay motivated: Always striving to do better and be better. To improve on each day. I stay connected to positive supportive people and do not listen to the naysayers.

Guiding principle: Have fun not matter what you are doing. When it stops being fun, stop doing it.

Goal yet to be achieved: Publish my second book - Failing Up

Best decision: To start my own business. I have made a lot of mistakes because I knew nothing about running a business but I have a learner's heart. I make sure I take time to listen to the lessons in my mistakes so I do not make them again.

Worst decision: Working with people even after my gut has told me to run the other way and do not discount your prices to do favours for people, because they are the most demanding of all.

Definition of leadership: Someone who is always striving to be a better version of themselves who helps others without expectation of gain and works towards a common goal.

Best mentor: People in the path just a little ahead of me. They have been where I want to go and I am open to listening to them.

One word that best describes you: Tenacious

Like best about job: Finding people's stories in even the most boring topic. It is a real buzz to take someone on a journey through their business and expose them to the brilliance of what they're doing. Many people I work with only see the day-to-day of what they do, not the many layers they have to their business that can help connect them deeper to their target audience through storytelling.

Like least about job: Unrealistic expectations. Growing a profile takes time. It is a heartbreaking when a client expects to be a media star after only a few months. It takes time to connect. It takes time to establish expertise.

Interests: Reading, movies, music, watching live bands

Pet peeve: Loud chewing

Most important lesson learned: Not to compare myself to others. Comparison is a killer. It is like rust on your self esteem and self image. Just pay attention to what you are doing.

Most respected competitor: Tanya Targett

Idea of perfect happiness: A day at the beach with a book and my family

Greatest strength: Resiliency

Characteristic most admired: Positive attitude

Characteristic least admired: Saying yes to too many things

First choice for a new career: Party planner

Current state of mind: Expectancy

Exercise of choice: Outrigging

Question you want answered: Why do people not say what they are thinking instead of stewing on what they think they know. Communicate and tell people what is wrong.

Most influential book read: Go Giver

Favorite word: Awesome

Favorite quote: People do not care what you know until they know how much you care

Countries you would like to visit: Spain, Greece, Italy

Company: Publicity Genie
Forest Lake, Australia

Founded in: 2013
CEO: Annette Densham
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Australia
Products and Services: Bespoke PR services, Media releases, Training programs, Mentoring, and Media training.
Company’s Goals: To help people in small business find their stories and stand out and be noticed.
Key Words: publicity, publicity training, public relations, PR training, awards, media release writing, marketing, free publicity, Publicity Genie, finding media contacts, writing stories, content marketing, social media, storytelling, relationship marketing

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